Announcing my “secret” project!!


PRACTICE provides much needed coolness in a brutal climate

Practice is an exhibition space located on the 2nd floor of 319 N 11th St, opening its doors for the first time on First Friday August 3rd, 2012 from 7-11pm.

For its inaugural show “A Public Service Response to the Heat,” Practice responds to the brutal climate conditions that exist in its building during the summer months.

Weather has a profound impact on human health, mood, and mental well-being. Research indicates that extreme heat can have a negative effect on mood, productivity, emotional well-being and may cause aberrations from normal behavior. What’s more, current scientific research investigating the effects of high humidity on human aggression indicate that there is a correlation between heat and violence.

The August heat in the building at 319 N 11th St, a warehouse that houses many artist-run spaces including Grizzy Grizzly, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Marginal Utility, Napoleon, and Vox Populi–is oppressive and cannot but negatively effect the sensibilities of those patrons visiting in hopes of having a positive experience with the art on view. Practice offers a public service to 319′s viewers and gallerists–the chance to cool off and regain their mental equilibrium.

This civic service will kick off a refreshing exhibition schedule that seeks to address the multifaceted art-world of today. Practice seeks to push the boundaries of art in all its mediums while placing an emphasis on public participation. Our gallery practice seeks to support artist practices that focus on performance, participation and experimentation.

The name “practice” refers to the practice of art today, or to the act of rehearsing or engaging (repetitive) a behavior again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in “practice makes perfect”.

Practice’s governing body is composed of a group of artists and art workers who produce or do not produce art works in a variety of mediums both physical and metaphysical. Dave Kim, Jerry Kaba, Peter Morgan, Yvonne Lung, Ryan Kelly and Annette Monnier meet each month to decide how best to govern and curate the space. Each exhibition is determined by a democratic consensus.


Our gallery practice seeks to support artist practices that focus on
performance, participation and experimentation.
319 N 11th St, 2nd Floor #2G, Philadelphia, PA, 19107, USA
First Friday August 3rd, 7-11pm

What this actually means is:

We (Practice) will be providing the people of Philadelphia (and the world) with a cold dark room that they can be in for three minutes. It may not even be hot when we provide this room, but we will still provide it.

You must enter the room alone and you must leave your cell phone at the door.

Hope to see you there!

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